Monday, 31 May 2010

An Open Letter - Freedom in the face of the Freedom Flotilla

When slavery was abolished in America after a 400 year long reign of forced servitude, degradation and culture cleansing... the world looked on and said never again. After the Jewish holocaust where millions of Jews were exterminated, forced from their homes and forced to live in unimaginable conditions... the world looked on and said never again. When African Americans alongside people of all different creeds and nationalities fought for equality during the Civil Rights movement... the world looked on an said never again. When African countries were granted their independence, when women fought for equal rights, when the Berlin Wall fell down and when Nelson Mandela took his first steps of freedom from Robben Island prison after 27 years of imprisonment and ended the apartheid regime the world rallied together for humanities sake and said never again will we sit back and allow such injustices to take place. Never again will we remain silent against the tide of opposition in the face of wrong doing. At all cost we must fight to preserve the very fabrics that hold us as humans together. We sit back at times and ponder how mankind in the past could have been so cruel, how people could have sat back and let these things happen, how it was even possible at all? The world even celebrated the first Black President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama as a symbol of this change.

Yet recent events show we have learnt nothing and things are still the same.

A freedom flotilla carrying 10000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza, the worlds largest open air prison camp filled not with prisoners but innocent civilians mostly made up of women and children, is ambushed leaving at the last count 19 dead, several injured and many more taken as prisoners of Israel. A freedom flotilla made up of over 500 people including Jews aimed at ending the blockade so that innocent people can have access to basic health care and food is in broad daylight and in international waters pounced upon like a warship. Is this what we have learnt from past events? Is this what the world has been reduced to yet again?

If we do not stand up and be counted for then we are part of the problem. In life sometimes we think that we are just one person and our one letter, or article, donation and even our face book or twitter status means nothing. But it does!! If we all just as individuals do something no matter how small we become a group of people doing something. In turn that group of people becomes an organisation. That organisation becomes the world!!!

So in this day, this time, in this generation, it is our turn... The world is in our hands!
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