Friday, 5 March 2010

To Be Free

Freedom is one of those words that mean so many things to so many people. A word that some take for granted whilst others have never known freedoms sound. The birds are free. Well they are when there not being shot down from the skies. They glide through the air creating friction between the winds. They sing in the morning at the crack of dawn and no one can stop them. No one can stop the birds from singing. But for us humans, freedom is another story. For we, like the birds have been pre wired to sing. To smile. To laugh. To love. But our wires are tampered by life’s indiscriminate hurdles. Like a quiet storm the wave comes and splashes down on our freedoms. Drowning out our hopes and leaving fear and despair, loneliness and hate. Leaving a hopeless mass of happiness at the bottom of the ocean and replaced by the robotic existence we now call life. Soulless expressions. Botoxed hopes. Cosmetic freedoms masked by veneers.

Freedoms advancement comes when our basic pre wired rights cease to be tampered with. When like the birds we can glide through life without fear of the infra red light of the gun constantly aimed at our backs shooting us down. The advancement of freedom comes first and foremost with love of self. With the ability to seek the inner person we all hide inside and bring them to the surface, to let the world rejoice in the majesty of whom we have been preordained to be. Until that day we are just a mere carcass of potential enslaved by our own blindness. Enslaved by the rat race that has come to be our life.

The New Scramble for Africa - China fights for first place

The old age adage that history repeats itself is often one said in jest. But 150 years since the infamous Berlin consensus which signalled the carving up of Africa the world appears to be doing exactly that. But this time there is a new guy in town. Well actually a country, China. Chinese economic growth over the past 20 years has been impressive to say the least. With a growth rate between 8 and 15% year on year that other developing countries could only salivate at from a distance, China has asserted itself as the autonomous head of the south. In order to maintain this growth and feed its 1.2 billion populations China has fast accelerated its trading relations in Africa.

The Chinese economy has an eager appetite for all the resources of Africa - timber, iron ore, diamonds, copper oil, and other raw materials of interest for China’s industries. Stephanie Hanson, director of policy and outreach at One Acre Fund states “China now ranks as the continent's second-highest trading partner, behind the United States, and ahead of France and Britain”. China has already leapfrogged past the West in the last couple of years to become the largest manufacturer of Solar panels in the world. China has not gone unnoticed. Obama in his first state of the union address to America highlighted that exporting was paramount to both domestic and international We have to seek new markets aggressively, just as our competitors are”. The real test for supremacy will be determined by the country that can get the resources to fuel exports. The new scramble for Africa has begun.

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