Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Power of a Thought

Everything we do starts with a simple thought. This thought then turns into an act and this act has consequences far beyond our imaginations. When we seize to stop thinking then our possibilities stop too. And it is with this ideology that I am now embarking on a trip to Ghana to coordinate the Use a UK Vote campaign, the sister campaign of Give Your Vote which is currently going on in the UK.

The Use a UK Vote campaign challenges the very fabric of what we see as democracy today. Whilst democracy is the predominant ideology being promoted within states, on the International arena democracy holds a deafening silence. A few countries undemocratically decide what is best for the whole world often at the expense of millions of people whose views, concerns and needs are neglected with dire consequences. If we are to promote democracy on a national level then shouldn’t we promote it on an international level too?

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