Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Near Death Experience in Ghana

Have you ever been on a fair ride and wondered why you ever tried to have a go in the first place? You know one of those rollercoaster rides that make your stomach literally fall out of your mouth but there is nothing you can do to make the ride stop. Hmmm well welcome to Accra, Ghana. Today I got in a taxi (well I thought it was a taxi - but it was really a wanna be Lewis Hamilton on something very strong) to get home. The sun had just set the air humid and the sweet smell of an assortment of West African food permeating through the air and straight into my nostrils... it had been overall a good day and I fancied nothing more than to get home and unwind. After negotiating the price and discussing where I was going with the driver I jumped in.

You see the thing about Ghana and Taxis is you never know what your going to get until the car starts moving. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way!!!!!!!!! My driver seemed to think he was on an addition of Super Mario Cart as he swerved over pot holes, in and out of lanes and cut through cars with razor blade precision. Obviously I was at the back begging him to calm down which fell on deaf ears. By the time I reached home I had experienced 3 flashbacks of my life as I prepared to enter into my afterlife only to be brought back down to earth at the last second. So hear I am, alive, just about! So warning to you all, step into the taxis at your own peril or in the words of Forest Gump 'life (Ghana Taxis) is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get'.

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