Friday, 2 April 2010

And so the journey begins... part 2

Wow, today is here! I’m excited, i’m anxious, i’m curious as to how the next 5 weeks will pan out. And that’s anxious and curious in a good way. I would like to say that I awoke at the crack of dawn where my belongings were neatly packed ready for me to embark on this journey. But that would be a lie. The fact is I haven’t slept a wink for the past 24 hours.

When we pull away from home en route to the airport the grey skies and drizzle beat away at the car windows. I at the back going over a million and one things in my mind, trying to imagine how this campaign will look like 5 weeks from now and all the lives that we have hopefully touched. To be part of the project that kicks starts the action to the debate on the inequality of the current international undemocratic system is a privilege that is hard to describe in words. Not just because if we get just one person to use a UK vote it will be the first time in history that someone from another country has voted in the UK general election, but because the symbolism it evokes of those who have been declined a seat at the decision making table standing up to say by any means necessary we will have a say in the destiny of our own lives.

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  1. You write amazingly well. Keep strong and believe in yourself! “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi.


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