Wednesday, 4 November 2009

WOW... What a difference a year makes!

President Barack Obama

A year ago today I had managed to grapple about one hours sleep as I stayed up all night watching the results of the American Presidential election. Switching from BBC to Sky News I was in awe as I watched what was deemed impossible become a reality. And it seems I wasn't the only one as texts and phone calls came in from friends all through out the early hours of the morning who were hysterical that Obama had won yet another state. What is more revealing is that I am British, yet British people in their droves were equally anticipating this new chapter as earnestly as the Americans themselves. It was official; Obamamania had taken hold of the UK. Well, certainly the media.

Today I head to university and not one paper that I have read so far (I've read four) have commented that today is Obama's first anniversary. There is a deafening silence permeating through the airwaves, like that of a husband who has forgotten his wife’s anniversary. Now we know that this is definitely not the case with the media here in the UK, they definitely know what time it is!

So what does this silence mean? And most importantly what does it reveal about the changing attitudes towards Obama here in the UK. It means that people have finally cottoned on! Yep, that’s right. People have finally cottoned on to that big secret that a year ago nobody wanted to acknowledge but was right there in front of everybody’s face. So what’s this big secret that has left people disappointed? Obama is not (and I repeat) is not the son of God who has come back on earth to die for everybody's sins. He is a human being just like everybody else with all the good and bad that comes along with it. And it just so looks like *surprise - shock - horror* people are not too happy to acknowledge that reality.

I mean honestly with such expectations, should this silence really come as a surprise?


  1. This is oh so true! I remember telling people this time last year 'calm down he's not God, u kno!' only to get dirty looks and stony silence in return.

    I support the man and wish him all the best, especially now that people are starting to realise he his a mere mortal.


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