Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Some call it fiddling, I call it corruption

The art of language is a beautiful thing. One of my undergraduate lecturers once told me that a persons use of words are like that of an artists palette. With words you can draw the most beautiful pictures and mask the most hypocritical obscenities.

Take for instance the jailing of Tom Wise. The 61 year old British MEP who after several denials finally admitted "fiddling" £39,000 worth of expenses and was sentenced to two years in jail today. There goes another British government official the public sigh in disbelief. The whole expenses scandal has erupted to reveal an endemic culture of "fiddling". Or has it?

When the same revelations of "fiddling" are revealed in non Western states it is called corruption by most if not all if the British press. Corruption in its purest potent form. But when the same instances occur on home turf it is called "fiddling". So why don't we just cut through the hypocrisy and call it what it really is - CORRUPTION!

Yes I said it. With or without the jailing of Tom Wise the MP expenses scandal has revealed that the government have a serious problem of corruption. Fiddling is something petty, corruption is not. £39,000 is not fiddling that is a lot of money from the tax payers pocket. Lets be equal in our appropriation of the English language and not try and mask the severity of the problem. Only until this issue of corruption is addressed honestly for what it is will the problem actually be able to be dealt with.


  1. If it was me, they would probably call it armed robbery. But on a serious note, living on this rock, under the legislation of a so-called super-power; I began understand that the law becomes irritatingly flexible in relation to the social class system

    This is my #1 blog!

  2. This a true representation of the British media's vocab. Thank you for highlighting this.

    I love this blog Agnes!

  3. Politicians are the same around the world. Here in the United States we've come to expect our politicians to be dirty, it must be part of their job description or something.

    We're constantly hoping that the next one will not be crooked. Maybe that's where we fail ourselves, believing their bullshit.


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