Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Some Positive TV

Have you ever noticed how the majority of news we hear on TV is negative? Well i stumbled across this online TV station and just had to share it! is a TV station all about focusing on positive news stories and showing all the positive things people do instead of just reinforcing the negative. And they have a really simple way of submitting stories too. Check it out.

I think that this is a welcome change.


  1. Thats cute. I will share this site with people.


    I also wanted to thank you on the wonderful comment. I think I shouldve put that I am proud of being African and Nigerian. I dont want people to get the wrong idea. I love who I am. I just want to get in touch with who I am...confusing?
    Also, I saw your pictures are they are nothing but fabulous!

  2. Thanks, I just commented on my blog about all the negative we hear/see!


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