Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My 5 Second Rant - I Didn't Give You My Number For A Reason

This one here got me a little more than mad. I'm talking about the new website and phone directory 118 800 that will connect the UK to millions of mobiles. Firstly, how can some business be making money out of my mobile number without my permission? And more importantly what about our privacy? If your anything like me who has a Blackberry with both Blackberry messenger, Yahoo messenger, Msn messenger, Facebook, email (all on my mobile) as well as the mobile number itself I find it hard to believe that in todays climate if someone really needs to get hold of you they will find much trouble.

Which means that if they really can't then maybe it is for a reason? Somethings are better left alone and me for one will definitely be making sure my details are of that database!

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