Friday, 12 June 2009

America Gets Obama, We Get Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin, Leader of The BNP

This year has been monumental as the world watched America, a land with a rich history of slavery and prejudice aimed at those who were of colour usher in President Barack Obama the 1st African American to reach the highest office in the land. The world stood still as it witnessed the tectonic plates of change clash against the tide of the past. The English media alongside many in Europe were in awe of the improbable outcome and were quick to chastise America for its past and equally praise her for its future direction.

Not one to be outdone the English media went into a huge debate about whether the same could happen here. Many said off course, if you have the talent then you have an equal opportunity against any British counterpart. Others argued it was nothing to do with race, merely the current beauricratic structure of the government which prevents raw talent rising through the ranks quickly enough. Others again thought that even though they may think its impossible, Obama has proven that nothing is out out of reach. I was one of the latter, until this week that is.

In the year that America ushers in their first Black President, we usher in the UKs 1st BNP MEP, the equivilent of the Klu Klux Klan, to represent us in Europe! However you look at it the meaning, symbolism and mood of many in the UK is clear. America has taken ten steps forward for man kind showing that prejudice will not get in the way if you have the talent, whilst the UK sadly are showing that we have a long way to go.


  1. I was shocked in some ways about this but sadly unsurprised in others. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that whenever great changes are being made there will also be a strong wave of conservative-minded bigots to counter it. SMH

    Nice blog, btw


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