Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Air France 447 Reminds Us That Life Is A Gift

Relatives await news

It is so sad and I really can't stop thinking about those who lost their lives on Air France 447 from Brazil to Paris. I remember a movie I watched a while back about a guy who survived a plane crash and ended up on an abandoned island only to be found 4 years later. I keep thinking that someone must have survived. Surely? We live in an age where the haves and the have nots couldn't be any bigger. Where millions go hungry whilst others enjoy unimaginable wealth. But when something like this happens we are reminded about the things that matter most. We are reminded that know matter what we own in a flash of a second it could all be gone. We are reminded that nothing really matters apart from our loved ones and our lives. And we are reminded that life is a gift, something we should not take for granted.

I can not imagine the pain that the families are going through and send both my condolences and prayers. And I do so hope that we find out exactly what happened in order to prevent further tragedy's in the future.

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  1. I agree with you completely :)


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