Friday, 1 May 2009

Touch Down In Ghana

As soon as we touch down I am greeted by the tropical air of Ghana. It is 5am and the sun has not yet arose. The sky is filled with hues of red, purple, black and slight oranges and yellows. The morning seems still. In fact i feel like a thief in the night, sneaking in whilst everyone is asleep.

The bus ushers us the passengers to the passport check points. There are three standing points, Ghanaian nationals, Business/diplomatic and International. Clutching my British passport I head to the International check point and look over at those speedily going through at the Ghanaian stand. Does my passport really make me that much different to them I wonder? As I am called up to the check point the attendant takes a look at my surname on my passport and then a look at me. After a few brief questions he smiles, nods and says Akwaaba "Welcome".

By the time i get through baggage the sun is wide awake. And as we drive home I feel lost. I can't remember anything, the scenery looks so foreign and unrecognizable. It dawns on me that my memory of Ghana was from the eyes of a child who is now returning as a women. In my memory the palm trees were so tall I thought the head touched the heavens. But driving by today they look modest but beautiful nevertheless.

I actually feel somewhat sad to be be back, because all that i thought i knew i don't.

I am told that today is Bank Holiday so know one is at work. Every time we stop at a traffic light people of all ages try and sell us stuff. On the streets of Ghana you can get anything from shaving razors, clothes, pens, credit to Banku and tilapia (a Ghanaian dish)! And there products seem to be in demand or they know their target audience very well. I wonder to myself that if these guys on the streets of Ghana can get it right then what is up with these BBC Apprentice candidates who are supposed to be England's smartest and brightest? hmmmm!

Ghana smells beautiful, looks beautiful and the atmosphere is so welcoming. It feels good to be on this journey.

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