Saturday, 30 May 2009

Diversity Paves The Way For A New Image Of Briton

Briton for many across the globe is seen as a grey country with a lot of posh White people. And not forgetting we have a Queen too. I can not recall the amount of times I have been in America and people have been shocked that there are Black people in Briton (with the exception of Naomi Campbell of course). I'm always having to point out that London in particular is probably one of, if not the most diverse place in the world. 

And that is part of the beauty of the dance group Diversity who won Britons Got Talent on Saturday. They are of all ages, hues and sizes and help to show a more realistic image of todays Briton. What a beautiful gift to the Queen!

Well done Diversity!


  1. Sorry Agnes I have to disagree. Britain does not need any more dancing or singing fools. Not that I'm calling them fools, but we have enough representation in entertainment.

  2. I completely agree that we have enough representation in Entertainment. And if you read my post "Why a Black Prime Minister is a long long way off" (Jan 09). I illustrate this point there. However, taking a look at diversity's background I felt that they help break down stereotypes. The lead choreographer is a physics student at university, whilst another member is studying to be an accountant. Another has just finished his MA in computer science.

    The fact is whether we like it or not entertainment is an important part of life for youth today. And the only sector where people of colour have a balanced representation in comparison to other sectors. I for one wish that this was not the case but it is.

    However, if we can use the platforms where we do have representation to break down negative stereotypes then in my books that's always a good thing and can open up doors in other sectors as well as creating strong role models for today's youth. As well as inspiring young people to think its cool to seek education. And that is why in my books Diversity is a beautiful gift to the Queen.

  3. Hurrah for diversity...and I agree with your comments here Agnes. Where we can gain power we can help break down barriers in other sectors.


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