Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tomorrows Valentine

As I walk over the foot bridge from Waterloo's South Bank towards Charing Cross I see the sun setting before my eyes. Birds flutter around, and the water of the River Thames moves like that of a silk dress caressing the body of a woman.

Today, I envy the River Thames. The way the water comes and goes on its own clock. No apologies for its comings and goings. Free to do as it pleases, whilst I am a bystander looking on, a slave to this broken capitalist world.

South Bank has always been my favourite place in London. And as I glance back to see what I have left behind I see lovers entwined.

Today is St Valentines day and couples brazenly express their love. What would usually be a quick peck from a partner as he or she hurriedly goes about their business has today become a long and sensual kiss. What would usually be two married couples walking side by side, sullen and empty, has today sparked a furnace as Mr and Mrs now look lovingly in each others eyes, remembering all the emotions felt as if they were back at the early stages of courtship.

But what will tomorrow bring when that of a new one replaces today's sun? When the St Valentine shop display posters are replaced with Easter ones? When Mr postman comes on Monday bringing another reminder of an unpaid bill? When Monday mornings air brings with it last weeks problems? When life goes back to what it was before today stood still?

Will love still reign or will things just go back to being the same? One day set as a reminder, but will today's fire remain?


  1. hey . . . this one is off the hook . . . . you definitely take us on a journey . . . . you have managed to capture the moment we are in and yet remain timeless . . . . (twin pillars that are never easy to achieve in one piece of writing) . . . More over, I love the pictures your words generate in my mind, I love your writing, I m your number ONE fan out here . . . please keep up the brilliant work

  2. Great post, I think its way to commercialized, I went to get a rose for my mom and it cost me $45, which would on a normal day cost me 20 the most.

  3. I think you are absolutely correct. But if all it takes is one day to reignite a flame that was almost out forever than Valentine's day will continue to be respected.

  4. Lovely post. I also adored South Bank and watching the Thames when I lived in London. A piece of peace in a busy city...


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