Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Alexandra Burke turns down Lionel Richie tour

Alexandra Burke has had to turn down an opportunity to support soul legend Lionel Richie in his up and coming UK March tour. If she had accepted this could have been the launch pad that she needed to catapult her to superstardom in the US. A source said: "Simon Cowell and all at her label Syco are determined to do what they did with Leona and shelter her away.

"They want Alexandra to be able to concentrate on making a brilliant album.

"Touring with Lionel would of course been a massive opportunity, but it's alot of work and stressful preparation for that sort of thing.

"Plus at the moment Alex does not have any real songs of her own.

"She'll be performing covers on the X-Factor tour but is itching to get on with original material."

I'm really looking forward to Alexandra's album. The UK has made a big come back in terms of
producing real musical talent that can compete against the states. I'm confident Alexandra will slot right in with the greatest.

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